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Chill at The Rehab

Rehab Bristol has moved around the corner... Previously found on Corn Street, Rehab has now moved to Baldwin Street and is well worth a visit. Set across 3 floors the venue feels small enough to have a chilled out drink yet large enough for full on hands in the air partying. On entering the venue you are greeted by its large open plan dance floor, local graffiti and plenty of seating options for those who wish to sit down. There are a number of spacious VIP booths across the venue making it easy to have your own party or celebration as we witnessed when we attended.

With some fab early drinks offers and a wide selection of spirits and cocktails we were met with huge smiles and warm service. The cocktails seem to all be at 2-4-1 and the Duck was our particular favourite. Yes a duck and before you ask it is yellow! Great for sharing however be warned the bar staff are extra vigilant with these so there is no chance of wondering off with it. Rehab plays a massive selection of music from clubbing anthems and classics right through to party, house and pop RnB which makes this venue popular with all ages. It seems as if the dedicated dance floor is not the only place to dance as all floors have lighting to suit. People danced on every floor, even the toilet attendant rocked away on the lower ground floor.

Drop by Syndicate

The Syndicate Bristol used to be a brilliant venue... however over the last few years it has started to go down hill a bit. The Syndicate can either be very busy, or dead depending on when you visit or what event is taking place. It is typically a dance club, so you will see people with hands in the air, but the quality of drinks and bar staff can be quite bad.. Of course if your drinking from a bottle you will be fine, but queuing up for 20 minutes for a bottle isn't ideal. It's a bit like marmite... you either love it or hate it.

The Syndicate is a very well known club in the clubbing culture, with only 2 Syndicate Superclubs in the UK, Bristol is very honoured to have one of the finest nightclubs to date along side Blackpool. The Syndicate is known for hosting some of the biggest and best events such as Godsktichen, Gatecrasher & Hed Kandi, bringing in some of the best DJ's across the world on a regular basis. As soon as you walk through the doors you are imediately taken into the clubs arena based structure, with a huge dance floor and massive speakers hanging down from the ceiling. You will find dancers on podiums, robots and creatures on stilts crawling around the dance floor and on special ocasions highly trained fire artists doing tricks with fire. There's now only one Syndicate in the UK, and that is in Bristol as the Blackpool venue has closed down.

Feel the jam at Pryzm

Pryzm is a brand new modernistic, exclusive night club. Formally known as Oceana, after years of much need restructuring. This is the first branch of Oceana in the Luminar Leisure group to undertake the 1 million makeover to form the new venue. The new layout consists of three new club arenas, Opus, Velocity and Disco. All three rooms offering different types of music to cater for all audiences. For those who prefer a quiet drink there is MYU bar downstairs. Pryzm offers an excellent selection of drinks offers including Vodka Redbull, 2-4-1 on Cocktails and most importantly great deals on Jagerbombs. Pryzm runs a number of events throughout the week but we would recommend that you check out Priority Fridays or Takeover Saturdays.

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