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Chill at The Maddox Club


The Maddox Club is located in one of the most exclusive areas of London; Mayfair. This is one of the finest 'private clubs' in all of London. If you are ever lucky enough to step inside then you will very quickly realize why this is the case.

The Maddox Club is unique insofar as the fact that it is one of only a few clubs which has successfully blended a DJ booth into a top restaurant. The music that these DJs pump out is absolutely top notch and will provide the fantastic soundtrack to your dining experience. Once you have finished eating you can head to the dance floor where some of the top DJs from around the globe are blasting out some top tunes.

Drop by Press Club London

Right in the heart of Piccadilly and just a short hop from Piccadilly Circus lies one of the newest night clubs on the block; the Press Night Club. Despite being new on the London night life scene, this fantastic venue has already garnered a TON of attention in top publications due to its ability to attract some of the richest and most famous people in the world. Being located in the center of London, the Press Club is able to attract an incredibly diverse crowd and that is something which certainly adds to the intrigue of the joint. It also means that it gets INCREDIBLY crowded quite quickly, and that is why it is always suggest that you get on the guest list for the Press Night Club in London a few days before. This way you can slide in before all of the crowds and really start to get dancing and drinking.


Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you can head to this top night club and listen to some of the best DJs in the business. Much of the music played in the Press Night Club is top house music, with a couple of extra dance tracks and some recent music thrown in for good measure. Nobody that attends the Press Night Club, no matter what their music taste is, will come away disappointed. It really is that fantastic. The drinks are well-priced too which makes for an even better night.

Feel the jam at Libertine

Many people go on holidays to relax. Others want to have fun. Others are interested about discovering a city's nightlife. London is arguably considered as the world's clubbing visitors; attracting visitors from all over the globe; coming eagerly to experience the infamous London night life. The Libertine Club is perhaps the top destination not only for the locals, but also for eager clubbers coming to London from different corners of the globe, looking to have some fun. This club prides itself for its global reputation, offering several kinds of music like electronic feels from Dubstep and Drum & Bass to Techno, House and Progressive and its excellent DJs.

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