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Chill at The Liar's Club Bar Manchester

Aloha and welcome to Manchester's only Tiki dive bar and Caribbean rum shop, The Liars Club!Expect a warm welcome as you descend the stairs and are transported to a tropical hideaway packed with rum, fun, cocktails and Tiki craziness a million miles from the gloomy streets of Manchester up above.Situated on Back Bridge Street, on the site of the old Purple Pussycat, the new venue is a treasure trove of Tiki heaven, with its kitsch Polynesian decor, exotic trinkets and flaming cocktails.

It boasts a creative and exotic list of sharing cocktails served in elaborate Tiki volcanoes, pineapples and coconut shells, all expertly designed to be enjoyed in the lighthearted, relaxed Tiki hideaway with its chilled soundtrack incorporating reggae, afrobeat and all in between.Serving the North West's most extensive collection of rum, The Liar's Club also offers merry-makers the chance to buy their own branded bottles of rum to mix how they see fit.

Hula Bar Manchester

Welcome to the enticing world of Hula - a 1950's inspired tropical slice of Tiki goodness for urban beachcombers.You'll be delighted by the hedonistic fun you can have at Hula Tiki Lounge - a basement den of cocktails, rum and good cheer.Located down in the basement of 11 Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter, Hula will transport you to the tropics with an eclectic and relaxed haven for you to unwind and wash away your troubles.

Prepare to be dazzled by the heavenly collection of delightful drinks!An establishment of Technicolour fantasies, palate-teasing concoctions, splashes of good fortune and over 100 of the finest imported rums.Even the most hardy bar frequenter will be spoilt for choice and transported to other, more heavenly worlds.

Feel the jam at Revolucion De Cuba Manchester

During the American Prohibition, when the sale of booze was banned in the States, the American A-List simply threw money at the problem and made a relatively short haul flight to escape the party poopers and ensure they got their fix of boozy debauchery.Money wasn't really an issue for this lot, so they rounded up the best bar tenders from America's finest hot spots and jetted off to what was to become the original party island... Cuba.During this time, the first party drinks were invented to soften the harsh local 'grog' (early rum) for the more sophisticated palette of the American social elite.They got creative and mixed the rum with whatever they could find and found lime and sugar cane were in abundance.The Mojito was born. Not to mention the Daiquiri and Cuba Libre and many more all emerged around this time. Heralding the rise of the cocktail.

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