September 17, 2015

Casual Sex UK – The Do’s and Don’ts

casual sex ukCasual Sex UK – The Do’s and Don’ts

Casual sex uk has become more acceptable in modern times. It is a great option for those who want to have fun and explore their sexuality, without the burden of commitment. But as much as casual sex affords boundless enjoyment, it can be a double-edged sword. You can get into serious trouble if you don’t stick to the rules of the game.

So, what are the rules?


Do: Use Protection

You may or may not know the person you choose to have sex with. Hence, the cardinal rule is to use protection against possible sexual health risks. Wear a condom. Take a contraceptive pill. Examine yourself regularly. The pill and condom helps prevent pregnancy, but is not a full proof measure against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). Sores, inflammation or painful intercourse are signs of an STI.

If you prefer kinkier sex, use a safe word between you and your partner ensuring whatever you do is within safe and tolerable limits.


Don’t: Get Attached

Things get messed up when the emotions get involved. So, it is better to keep them out. Keep reminding yourself that the relationship is purely physical, the end goal being sex and sex only. Arrange the time and place when you will meet your fuck buddy. Don’t do dinner dates and sleepovers.


casual sex ukDo: Keep Someone in the Loop

 “Sex” is to be kept a top secret, but if you are sleeping around with a stranger, its best to keep a close friend informed. Let them know your whereabouts, the person you are going out with and an emergency contact number.

Don’t: Settle

Just because you want a partner to have sex with, doesn’t mean you accept everything your fuck buddy dictates to you. Casual sex is when two consenting adults agree to have sexual intercourse for mutual enjoyment without any commitments. You’re doing him a favor too and so have an equal say in the sexual arrangement. Tell the other what you will or will not do. Make it clear that you don’t want the sexual encounter to be a stepping stone to an emotional relationship.

If he/she is looking for a physical relationship where they can dominate the other, it is better they settle for a Dom/sub relationship.


Do: Choose with Care

A friend-with-benefits is by far the best arrangement for casual sex. You are more likely to know the person therefore, allowing for some mutual trust. It is important that you respect your partner and be honest with them. It makes for better sex. If you are going for a stranger, make sure you get to know a little about them before you give in, with special reference to health status. Also, don’t go for someone who loves you immensely.

Don’t: Make Love, Have Sex

Make your sex escapade crazy, wild and kinky. Use sex toys and try different sex positions for higher gratification.

So, follow this advice and you can enjoy casual sex… no strings attached!

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