March 23, 2016

What Is A Casual Encounter?

In the past online dating had a stigma around the whole process. People who were looking for love or loving online were seen as the dregs of society, as losers. If you were not successful in meeting your romantic goals and sexual needs through your day-to-day activities, you shouldn’t even try to fulfill your needs by other means.


Yet, in modern society online dating is seen as the new normal. Everyone seems to have taken a stab at dating online. There is no more judgment when you tell someone of your online dating activities. This is a great thing.


Now, most people feel free to peruse whatever they desire when dating online. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the love of your life or a quickie for tonight, you can find it online.


While many people use online dating to find love, there is a new trend in the online dating community. Many online daters are now using online dating to find casual encounters and casual relationships.


See, a casual encounter and/or relationship is simply engaging in sexual acts with someone you have no desire to date, marry, or even on occasion, see again. When you have a casual encounter with someone, you are simply exploring your sexual nature.


Many individuals have found casual encounters to be erotic and stimulating due to the discreet and often, naughty nature of the sexual acts. A casual relationship gives many people a chance to explore sides of their sexuality they may have otherwise ignored.


By exploring your true sexual identity in a casual relationship, you allow yourself to be happy. You allow yourself to find to pleasure, in and out of the bedroom.


If you sex life is stagnant, you owe it to yourself to find a casual encounter and/or relationship!

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March 9, 2016

Here’s what Belle is thinking of today and boy is it hot!

Sex Meets is the number one place for adults to connect for quick sex meets, afternoon delights, no strings sex and just plain adult fun. We encourage our members to keep and share a diary of their horny thoughts – here’s what Belle is thinking of today and boy is it hot!


You move to slide your finger out, helping me up on my knees. I lay my chest against the bed, as you move behind me. You stroke your cock along my crack, working down towards my pussy and back up again. It makes me heady, letting out a whimper. I want more; I want you inside me now! You’ve turned me on so much, and it’s been so long since you’ve been inside my arse. You place your cockhead at the entrance of my arse, pushing in slowly, I let out a whine. Your easy with me; working in softly, the thickness of your head is what hurts the most. With a little resistance from my hole, you push in. With a grunt, I relax, feeling you work deeper inside me.


Now you begin to work your hips against my body, thrusting slowly, but with need. I twist, obeying an instinct I didn’t know I possessed, writhing, encouraging you to keep going. With you, I never miss a beat. You thrust a little faster, fucking me harder with each stroke inside me. It becomes a little easier, finding a nice rhythm inside me, allowing us to both enjoy it.


For the longest time, we stay just like that, feeling you fuck me. Your fingers digging into my flesh, pulling me back into you. I reach under me, and begin to do the same touch on myself as you were doing to me moments ago. I deftly play with my clit, feeling you fucking me still. I want to come again, I need it. I move my fingers faster, you move deeper. You thump yourself harder with each thrust, my fingers matching your pace.


it’s the smell of you that I notice first; damn, do you smell so good! Even still, I don’t want to open my eyes. I know its late, and I’m so tired. You curl into bed next to me, pulling me closer against your naked body. Your freshly showered; I can feel you’re still a little damp. Mm, I love how good you smell. Your intoxicating, did you know that? But still, I don’t want to open my eyes.


I let out a soft moan, trying to let sleep pull me back into my dreams. You have other ideas it seems, because as I try to curl into a ball, you hold me close. I can’t help but smile, but I groan out. I pretend to protest, acting as though I’d ever deny you. We both know better, don’t we?


Your cock presses against my arse, poking gently. I let out a soft gasp, feeling you push a little more, I shiver. I know how long it’s been since you’ve brought up having anal. We only do it once in a while, and I think this is your way of asking. Smooth, truly. I can’t help but smile to myself.


The simple touch of your fingers come up, and caresses my nipples. You pinch them, pulling them until they’re delectable tightly beaded rose buds. I moan out, now awake, but still I keep my eyes closed. I push myself back into you; slowly you grind your cock along my slit. You can feel the wetness that has built up between my folds. Softly I move with you, one of your hands comes down and begins to dance over my clit.


Ah! Yes! I cry out as your thumb ghosts over my clit, feeling a thousand nerve endings flicker into life. It’s like euphoria through my body at the speed of life. My breathing is laboured, and you move to kiss my shoulder. Your hips moving along my slit, the thickness of your mushroom head hits against my clit every so often. Your lips wonderfully warm on my skin; the breeze from the window blows in. It teases our skin, which is warming quickly. My eyes still closed, not because I want sleep, but lost in ecstasy over you.


Your fingers are moving deftly over my clit, so light that I can’t breathe. It has me overwhelmed, I gasp out moans, which encourages you to continue. You don’t even move your cock inside me, not yet. You just run it along my slit, how can you turn me on so much like this? I don’t even care, don’t stop. My mind races with delight. My heart is slamming against my chest.


You whisper into my ear you want me to come, knowing how turned on I am, it’s so close. You move slower, but with such need. You growl in my ear. You know that growl I love so much? Yeah, mmm that one. Fuck! I push back into you, my toes pointing, and I begin to come hard. I let out a cry of short harsh gasps, moaning out your name. I convulse into a chain of spasms, a frenzy explosion of exquisite sensation.


Fuck! I scream inside my head. Such an intense orgasm, and it’s just the first one. You’re not even inside me. You reach over to the bedside table, and grab the lube. You apply a thick coat of it on your cock, and run it along my arse crack. A single finger penetrates me, working me into a lusty need for your cock. It feels so good.

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March 2, 2016

Local Sex Meetup – Find Sexmeets Members Nearby

local sex meetupLocal Sex Meetup – Find Sexmeets Members Nearby

Looking for a local sex meetup? The horny members of sexmeets are just like you – up for it all the time. Our members love NSA and casual sex – indoors, outdoors, threesomes – anything goes. Here’s a few snippets from our member’s diaries to let you know whose around the corner and ready for a local sex meetup.

Claire, 39

So. Friday night and home alone. Porn and my bullet tonight. Not that I mind. Someone on here has caught my eye and we are sexting daily. Looking forward to a local sex meetup soon.

You know that feeling when you’re sore from all the masturbating but you just can’t stop. Constant horn at the moment. Seriously can’t wait to get a fat cock inside me and for my ass to get tongued.

So what’s my fantasy to be as I rub my clit this evening? Join me for a local sex meetup to make my dreams come true.

Annabelle, 46

She woke to feel a mouth on her breasts straining her nipple she started with a jolt and wondered who the hell he was but quickly remembered the drunken antics in the pub car park before bringing him home with her. Yes she has been up for a local sex meetup and now she had one.

He’d held her face down on the bonnet of his car whilst with his other hand he pulled her skirt up over her waist, torn her tights and fought past her panties in order to slide three fingers into her cunt and finger fuck her he was enthusiastic she would confess her pussy was soon oozing her approval and she squealed with delight as his fingers drove deeper and deeper into her once she had cum all over his finger she grabbed her by her hair, turned her round and pushed her to his knees.

He rummaged in his trousers and out came his hard cock.

She looked at it and smiled it was perfectly formed, extremely hard but small there would be no gagging on this dick.

She opened her mouth and willingly sucked him off working her lips and tongue over the shaft and circling the helmet he was groaning with pleasure. She could feel the throbbing wetness of her fanny and knew she wanted to cum again she rather fancied the idea of riding this small but well-formed willy rather relished the idea of being able to engulf it with her cunt.

He was fucking her mouth and she was moaning with pleasure, imagining how he would feel inside her.

His cum shot to the back of her throat and he juddered and bucked inside her mouth.

She smiled, swallowed and wiped the corner of her mouth.

She took his hand and led him to her car. Follow me.

When they got to hers, she made them a hot drink and they actually sat and chatted and laughed. There was no urgency they both knew what would happen.

It appears they fell into bed without any further sexual contact until now

His hands was snaking down her body and found her bush she spread her legs wantonly and he rubbed her bud and she moaned he sucked harder on her nipple and worked on her sex as she felt it start to swell and respond to his touch

Both of them could smell her the cum from the night before mingled with the arousal of the now was pungent and erotic she grabbed his hand and moved it to his hole do it she willed him he took the cue and slid two fingers inside her.

She closed her eyes and reached down for his dick. His small erect dick was straining, pre cum was trickling from its tip and she circled it with a finger, revelling in the stickiness she began to wank his cock as he fingered her. With her other hand, she started to work her clit. He moved his mouth form her tit and looked at her hand on his willy and her hand on her cunt and he slid another finger into her and another Jesus four fingers working her pussy and she gripped his cock harder and worked the foreskin backwards and forwards zealously

He could feel her contracting against his fingers and he wanted her orgasm to come he candidly slid his thumb inside her and she gasped he worked it deeper in until her cunt relented and his fist was inside her she let go of his dick she wanted to focus on this little dirty bastard stranger who had her impaled on the end of his arm. She realised she didn’t even know his name.

Inside her he twisted his fist and she clasped the sheet fuck me she whispered fuck me and he began to move his fist in and out of her hole she reached down and started to wank in earnest the slippy, sliding juices of her cunt making the entire trip easier and messier she knew her arousal was oozing from her, down between her arse cheeks and onto the bed she didn’t care

Her orgasm was rising her leg muscles were tightening do ittttttttt she screamed and he started to fist her cunt like a piston fast and deep banging against her cervix filling her entirely her cunt gripped him hard he caught his breathe Jesus Christ she was tight

Her hips bucked and she screamed he felt her cunt pulse against his hand and her orgasm gripped all down his arm Her breathing was rapid and raspy

At her instruction he removed his hand slowly but without further ado, he flipped her over and ordered her to get on all fours.

His tiny dick poked her butt and she realised he was going to fuck it she braced herself no need for lube her own juices had seen to that he pulled her arse cheeks wide apart and was greeted by her puckered hole

He placed his tip against it and with ease, slid into her tight little pucker and started to fuck her she smiled it usually hurt like mad, but in he was and she relaxed into the thrust of his dick banged against her arse, balls slapping her swollen cunt and her tits swayed and clapped together

He slapped her butt and she winced and shouted out as his hand met her arse again shut the fuck up bitch came the response she smiled and squeezed her muscles his moan was guttural and deep and he pushed deeper into her fucking her in and out they could both hear wet squelching and she reached beneath her and started to finger herself her pussy responding beautifully by dripping onto the bedsheets

He told her he was coming and he quivered and heaved atop her and his little cock spilled his seed into her arse he sighed happy and satisfied

He pulled out of her but didn’t move away

Feed me came the demand she wasn’t sure what he meant but she felt his breathe against her arse was he? Really?

She gently squeezed her arse and felt a thick dribble come from her just before she felt the warmth of his tongue at her hole oh god he was rimming her she squeezed again and more of him escaped her and again he licked and supped from her

When she had nothing left to offer him, he got up.

His flaccid little willy resting between his legs, he grinned at her Merry Christmas

He dressed and left.

It is easy to find a local sex meetup when you join -thousands of horny members up for it!

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February 25, 2016

Sex Meetup – Hot New Ways to Enjoy Casual Sex

sex meetup.  Our members are naughty and horny and ready to share their most intimate thoughts with you. Join today and take a peek a their online dating diaries. Here Shona, 45 describes the sex meetup of her dreams.

When Sarah called for a plumber she expected to see a balding man in ill fitting jeans with a plunger in his hand, instead she got Seth. He was in his early twenties, neatly attired, incredibly handsome and when he smiled and said, Are you Mrs. Thompson, her heart went into overdrive.

No thats my mother, she stammered, shes out at the moment.

So whats the problem, he asked, as he took his boots off by the door.

Im sorry? she said, not able to concentrate as her eyes were focused on his muscular arms and his powerful looking hands.

You have a plumbing problem dont you? he smiled, raising one eyebrow

O yes, its the bathroom in the master bedroom its this way.

She led Seth through the hall and into the bedroom. It was neat but her mothers sexy see- through nightdress was laid out on the bed looking quite provocative. She hoped he wouldnt notice it but he did.

Nice nightdress, he commented, yours?

No, she said, going a little red in the face its my mothers.

I bet youd look great in it,

She thought he was being a little fresh but she played along with him.

Do you want me to model it for you?

That would be great, he replied, in fact it would make my day.

She smiled, took the nightdress from the bed and slipped it on over her dress. Then she strutted around like a fashion model flickering her eye lashes.

Feeling hed been made a fool of he grinned and shook his head.

Perhaps youd just better tell me what needs doing.

Sarah smiled sweetly and pointed through the door at the vanity.

The wash basin is blocked.

Right I better get on with it then.

As he walked through the bathroom door she admired his buns and when he bent down to look under the sink she peeped in to see if his plumbers crack was showing. It wasnt so she returned to the bedroom and with a little giggle she took off the nightdress and laid it back on the bed and then she stripped off all of her clothes, including her underwear, and put it back on.

She looked into the full length mirror on the closet door and went into a number of Marilyn Monroe type poses. With her blond hair, her perky breasts and long shapely legs she felt she looked quite a bit like the famous movie icon.

The clogged sink was taking a while and so she lay on the bed daydreaming until she heard him put his tools away and what appeared to be the sound of him washing his hands. She was tempted to get up and slip a robe on but she didnt, she figured hed acted a little bold maybe she should do the same.

When he comes out here hes in for a shock, she mused, closing her eyes to imagine his reaction.

Because he was wearing no shoes he made no noise as he emerged from the bathroom and when she opened her eyes there he was standing over her with an appreciative look on his face.

You look absolutely gorgeous, he said, sitting down on the edge of the bed, that color really suits you.

Sarahs face went very red. She felt that she had carried this prank a little too far but there didnt seem anyway of turning back. It occurred to her that she could say her mother would be home any minute but before she could get the words out of her mouth he accidently touched her as he repositioned himself on the bed. Her heart seemed to stop for a moment and a very warm feeling enveloped her body.

Seth sensed her reaction and put his hand on her thigh and moved it up slowly to her breast. She grabbed his wrist and held it there for a few seconds. It felt so wonderful but soon his hand broke her grasp and proceeded down her body lifting up her nightie that allowed him to feel the warmth of her flesh.

Soon the fingers on both hands were circling her nipples followed by his lips and tongue. He gently stroked her thighs and Sarah, who was losing control of her senses, reached out to unbuckle his belt. He rose from the bed and started to take off his clothes. As he stood there naked she was overwhelmed by his wonderful physique and the size of his penis which stood proud and erect.

It was her turn to put her mouth to work and as she did so he leaned back and took a deep breath. At one point it seemed as though the sensation was too intense for him and he moved back before bending over and putting his head between her legs. Sarah writhed in ecstacy as he skillfully manipulated the lips of her vagina with his tongue.

Seth moved his muscular body over hers and spread her legs apart. She gasped as he penetrated deep inside of her and arched her back so she could enjoy every last inch of it The bed began to rock backwards and forwards as he developed a steady rhythm. Sarah grabbed hold of the bed head and started to move her ass in time with his. This seemed to excite him and he quickened his stroke to a frantic pace.

When she reached orgasm she screamed out loud and gripped his arms with both hands. After a few seconds she released her hold and just lay there breathing rapidly. He kissed her sweetly on the lips and getting up off the bed he began to put his clothes on.

That was fantastic, he said, Ive never experienced anything so amazing.

Sara just stretched her body across the bed and smiled, Ill call you again when I need my pipes fixing.

Seth took a business card from his breast pocket and placed it on her tiny pubic triangle, My plunger is always at your service, he grinned, and with that he picked up his tool box, gave her a last admiring glance, flashed her one last smile and left her tingling all over. All in all it was the best sex meetup she had ever had. Sara was counting the hours until she could call him and arrange another erotic sex meetup.

If you fancy a sex meetup like this, why not join today.

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February 19, 2016

Searching for someone who is young at heart

So i’m a mummy of two and i work full time as a store manager, in my free time i do yoga to keep fit and also i do some charity work and hope someday to travel to the places where they need our help.

I’v come here looking for a bit of fun, and maybe more,
I’m very openminded, and also a little bit cheeky…. 😉

Would love to get to know you a bit, so if your interested please let me know!!

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January 21, 2016

Looking for a person who can get wild

Im 24 yr old female and a mum to one beautiful little girl with another daughter on the way im looking for good times that could could lead into some thing more to accept im pregnant im looking for something special im very out going loving person want to know any more about me just stop and say hi 🙂 no time wasters only men who are genuine I dont want messages from people with no pics and I don’t reply to people with naughty pics either so please dont waste my time 🙂 xx

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November 4, 2015

Sex Dating App – What’s it really like to try sex dating?

sex dating appSex Dating App – What’s it really like to try sex dating?.

There has been a boom in people searching for a sex dating app. But what is it really like to try sex dating via a sex dating app. The sexmeets members are no stranger to sex dating. Every week they share their sauciest fantasies in online diaries – a feature not matched by the sex dating app. Here is what they are dreaming of today.

Annabelle, 46

If woman you had met and were getting to know asked you to masturbate to completion for her…would you?


I really like this idea and suspect I’d throw my leg over the chair, pull my pants to one side and be touching myself at the same time…it just feels like a really horny way to show each other how we enjoy being touched…


Your thoughts?


Mandy, 32

I met a guy on the internet. On the second night we were chatting things turned into a certain direction. He told me he was sitting in the living room with his PC, and that his brother could come home anytime. But we were so fucking horny that he started to stroke himself. And as he told me how hard he was getting I couldn’t resist and started rubbing my clit (luckily I have my laptop in my room). He told me how he would lift up my shirt and kiss my nipples. I wanted to make him come so bad…and told him how excited I would get to rub his crotch and take out his hard dick and put it in my mouth…licking it from the bottom to the top, playing with his balls. He told me that he came all over his keyboard.


Then after just 4 days, we were so damn horny and excited about each other that I called him on the phone…and you can imagine what happened… When I could hear him breathing heavy…omg…I was getting so wet. He told me that he would kiss my tummy, heading to my pussy, kissing it and slowly eating it out. He said after doing that he would put me on the kitchen table and fuck me with all he had…knowing that I was touching myself totally turned him on. And imagining that my finger going in and out of my pussy was his dick made me so horny that I came, when he was telling me “I am going to cum”.


We talked for a few months on the phone, but then decided to meet…as you can imagine we were super horny when we met. I knew that he didn’t have a girlfriend for some time, so when I started to stroke his dick through his pants on the parking lot he got hard right away. As I got totally exited too, we decided to get into his car. I unbuttoned his jeans and touched his big cock, stroking it hard, while he was breathing heavy. I had told him before that I don’t swallow, but the second he said he was coming I had put my mouth on his dick…all the time being afraid that someone would walk up to the car and see what we were doing. Jeez, how I loved the feeling of him being so horny and me being the one who made him cum so hard…

You won’t find these horny women on a sex dating app – but you will find them here at

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October 21, 2015

Find Local Sex – Sexmeets Members Nearby!

find local sexFind Local Sex – Sexmeets Members Nearby!

It’s easy to find local sex when you join We have thousands of members in all parts of the UK. You can use our advanced searching techniques including a postcode search to find local sex. We also offer technology like webcams and instant messaging to help you get closer to your naughty neighbours! Sexmeets gives our members the unique chance to share their sexual fantasises with an online diary feature.

Here is what some of our members are thinking about today!


Sandra, 28

…come on…be honest…what is your sexual preference for a bed buddy?


I’m a BBW which brings bingo wings, flabby thighs and a soft but significant tummy.

Is confidence more important? Is pert more attractive? Is skinny too pokey?


I’m interested in your thoughts…

Would you like to find local sex with Sandra? Join now!

Deirdre, 32

Anyone want to take charge of my dildo and fuck my tight pussy with it hard wile licking my clit making me beg for your big cock inside me stretching me..


So horny this morning rubbing my clit and getting so wet my shaved tight young pussy gripping my fat dildo squeezing it in stretching it mmmmm

Do you want to find local sex with Deirdre – why not join and send her a wink?

Jen, 42

Up early tomorrow to meet someone for a hotel day so that he can be up me early and most of the day. Then a different dayroom on Saturday for more fun with someone else. Better have some early nights the rest of this week x

Jen will help you to find local sex – join free and read more!

Clare, 37

Fun, sexy, horny fella needed. Got to be full of life, adventures, funny and a fab kisser.

If you want to find local sex then look no further -with postcode searching we can find your naughtiest neighbour!


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October 5, 2015

Sex Dating Profiles – Tips for Sexy Photos

sex dating profiles

Sex Dating Profiles – Tips for Sexy Photos

If you are single and currently looking for a casual sex partner in an online dating website, you need to upload a sexy profile photo. Remember that people looking at sex dating profiles will first look at your display picture. Due to this, you need to create the first impression through it. Attract the best candidate for your casual relationship by uploading the finest sexy profile photo.

Create the proper attitude. Attitude is expressed not only through gestures but also through photo angles and look. Your facial expression will portray the attitude that you want to articulate on your profile. You want to have a flirty look? Try looking at the camera with direct eye contact. You can also couple this with a sexy smile. Some say that striking a sexy pose without looking at the camera will get more attention. Eye contact is still the best way to flirt even only through cameras. For men, it is sexier to make eye contact without smiling.

Selfies or a self-shot is also effective. Depending on the angle of the camera, a self shot will also help you get the attention you need in online dating websites. This may look corny or cheesy when used on social networking sites but you need a different approach with dating sites. Try different angles when posting selfies to show your assets, not only on your face but also on the lower parts of your body. Remember that you do not have to post a nude photo, simple yet provoking clothes are good enough.

Show some skin. Showing some skin is helpful if you want to post a sexy profile photo. With the right camera angle, you can have the best shot without taking all of your clothes off. For women, you can have a cleavage shot which is effective for attracting men who wants to have casual relationship. For men, you can direct the angle of the camera on your sexy stomach. Shirtless profile photos are effective for men, especially for those who have a nice body.

Express the right context. Your profile picture should show the context that you want your readers or followers to know. Your photo should not only show that you are sexy and want to have casual sex. Adding something about your interest may help attract the right people. For women, a good shot on the bed or a sexy photo outdoors is great. For men, you can upload a photo of yourself while doing a hobby.

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September 17, 2015

Casual Sex UK – The Do’s and Don’ts

casual sex ukCasual Sex UK – The Do’s and Don’ts

Casual sex uk has become more acceptable in modern times. It is a great option for those who want to have fun and explore their sexuality, without the burden of commitment. But as much as casual sex affords boundless enjoyment, it can be a double-edged sword. You can get into serious trouble if you don’t stick to the rules of the game.

So, what are the rules?


Do: Use Protection

You may or may not know the person you choose to have sex with. Hence, the cardinal rule is to use protection against possible sexual health risks. Wear a condom. Take a contraceptive pill. Examine yourself regularly. The pill and condom helps prevent pregnancy, but is not a full proof measure against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). Sores, inflammation or painful intercourse are signs of an STI.

If you prefer kinkier sex, use a safe word between you and your partner ensuring whatever you do is within safe and tolerable limits.


Don’t: Get Attached

Things get messed up when the emotions get involved. So, it is better to keep them out. Keep reminding yourself that the relationship is purely physical, the end goal being sex and sex only. Arrange the time and place when you will meet your fuck buddy. Don’t do dinner dates and sleepovers.


casual sex ukDo: Keep Someone in the Loop

 “Sex” is to be kept a top secret, but if you are sleeping around with a stranger, its best to keep a close friend informed. Let them know your whereabouts, the person you are going out with and an emergency contact number.

Don’t: Settle

Just because you want a partner to have sex with, doesn’t mean you accept everything your fuck buddy dictates to you. Casual sex is when two consenting adults agree to have sexual intercourse for mutual enjoyment without any commitments. You’re doing him a favor too and so have an equal say in the sexual arrangement. Tell the other what you will or will not do. Make it clear that you don’t want the sexual encounter to be a stepping stone to an emotional relationship.

If he/she is looking for a physical relationship where they can dominate the other, it is better they settle for a Dom/sub relationship.


Do: Choose with Care

A friend-with-benefits is by far the best arrangement for casual sex. You are more likely to know the person therefore, allowing for some mutual trust. It is important that you respect your partner and be honest with them. It makes for better sex. If you are going for a stranger, make sure you get to know a little about them before you give in, with special reference to health status. Also, don’t go for someone who loves you immensely.

Don’t: Make Love, Have Sex

Make your sex escapade crazy, wild and kinky. Use sex toys and try different sex positions for higher gratification.

So, follow this advice and you can enjoy casual sex… no strings attached!

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