October 5, 2015

Sex Dating Profiles – Tips for Sexy Photos

sex dating profiles

Sex Dating Profiles – Tips for Sexy Photos

If you are single and currently looking for a casual sex partner in an online dating website, you need to upload a sexy profile photo. Remember that people looking at sex dating profiles will first look at your display picture. Due to this, you need to create the first impression through it. Attract the best candidate for your casual relationship by uploading the finest sexy profile photo.

Create the proper attitude. Attitude is expressed not only through gestures but also through photo angles and look. Your facial expression will portray the attitude that you want to articulate on your profile. You want to have a flirty look? Try looking at the camera with direct eye contact. You can also couple this with a sexy smile. Some say that striking a sexy pose without looking at the camera will get more attention. Eye contact is still the best way to flirt even only through cameras. For men, it is sexier to make eye contact without smiling.

Selfies or a self-shot is also effective. Depending on the angle of the camera, a self shot will also help you get the attention you need in online dating websites. This may look corny or cheesy when used on social networking sites but you need a different approach with dating sites. Try different angles when posting selfies to show your assets, not only on your face but also on the lower parts of your body. Remember that you do not have to post a nude photo, simple yet provoking clothes are good enough.

Show some skin. Showing some skin is helpful if you want to post a sexy profile photo. With the right camera angle, you can have the best shot without taking all of your clothes off. For women, you can have a cleavage shot which is effective for attracting men who wants to have casual relationship. For men, you can direct the angle of the camera on your sexy stomach. Shirtless profile photos are effective for men, especially for those who have a nice body.

Express the right context. Your profile picture should show the context that you want your readers or followers to know. Your photo should not only show that you are sexy and want to have casual sex. Adding something about your interest may help attract the right people. For women, a good shot on the bed or a sexy photo outdoors is great. For men, you can upload a photo of yourself while doing a hobby.

We’ve got more hints and tips for great sex dating profiles – join sexmeets.net for free and browse thousands of sex dating profiles!

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September 17, 2015

Casual Sex UK – The Do’s and Don’ts

casual sex ukCasual Sex UK – The Do’s and Don’ts

Casual sex uk has become more acceptable in modern times. It is a great option for those who want to have fun and explore their sexuality, without the burden of commitment. But as much as casual sex affords boundless enjoyment, it can be a double-edged sword. You can get into serious trouble if you don’t stick to the rules of the game.

So, what are the rules?


Do: Use Protection

You may or may not know the person you choose to have sex with. Hence, the cardinal rule is to use protection against possible sexual health risks. Wear a condom. Take a contraceptive pill. Examine yourself regularly. The pill and condom helps prevent pregnancy, but is not a full proof measure against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). Sores, inflammation or painful intercourse are signs of an STI.

If you prefer kinkier sex, use a safe word between you and your partner ensuring whatever you do is within safe and tolerable limits.


Don’t: Get Attached

Things get messed up when the emotions get involved. So, it is better to keep them out. Keep reminding yourself that the relationship is purely physical, the end goal being sex and sex only. Arrange the time and place when you will meet your fuck buddy. Don’t do dinner dates and sleepovers.


casual sex ukDo: Keep Someone in the Loop

 “Sex” is to be kept a top secret, but if you are sleeping around with a stranger, its best to keep a close friend informed. Let them know your whereabouts, the person you are going out with and an emergency contact number.

Don’t: Settle

Just because you want a partner to have sex with, doesn’t mean you accept everything your fuck buddy dictates to you. Casual sex is when two consenting adults agree to have sexual intercourse for mutual enjoyment without any commitments. You’re doing him a favor too and so have an equal say in the sexual arrangement. Tell the other what you will or will not do. Make it clear that you don’t want the sexual encounter to be a stepping stone to an emotional relationship.

If he/she is looking for a physical relationship where they can dominate the other, it is better they settle for a Dom/sub relationship.


Do: Choose with Care

A friend-with-benefits is by far the best arrangement for casual sex. You are more likely to know the person therefore, allowing for some mutual trust. It is important that you respect your partner and be honest with them. It makes for better sex. If you are going for a stranger, make sure you get to know a little about them before you give in, with special reference to health status. Also, don’t go for someone who loves you immensely.

Don’t: Make Love, Have Sex

Make your sex escapade crazy, wild and kinky. Use sex toys and try different sex positions for higher gratification.

So, follow this advice and you can enjoy casual sex… no strings attached!

Its easy to find casual sex uk when you join the UK’s hottest sex meet site -sexmeets.net.

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May 6, 2015

Casual sex meets in Clwyd -Top ten places on offer to meet casual sex dates

When casual sex meets in Clwyd you can visit many cultural places in the area, all of which will make an ideal place for a casual sex meets.

1. Bodelwyddan Castle, Rhyl is a castle, surprisingly, that has no historical connections whatsoever. The reason for this is because it was built in the 1800’s by the same person that was responsible for the ‘Hansom cab’, Joseph Hansom.

2. If you are meeting for casual sex in the Mold area why not visit Theatr Clwyd Cymru. With 5 different size venues which includes the 580 seat Anthony Hopkins Theatre. The theatre offers many diverse productions, so finding something to match your casual sex meet should not be a problem.

3. Wrexham held its own year of culture in 2011, so there is no shortage of cultural experiences to be found there. Oriel Wrecsam is the renamed Wrexham Arts Centre and has seen a revamping of the centre at Rhosddu Road. The centre houses many different exhibitions and events.

4. Why not take an idyllic barge cruise on the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Horseshoe Pass, just outside Llangollen. The cast-iron bridge was granted world heritage status in 2009.

5. In Colwyn Bay how about trying a different type of culture and visit the Welsh Mountain Zoo. It is situated on a hill overlooking the sea and gives some exceptional views, oh, and of course over 60 species of animals.

6. Near to Wrexham is the 700 year-old Chirk Castle, which is still used as a residence. You may want to stroll romantically around the gardens or explore the fortress itself, when Clwyd meeting for a casual sex, whatever you choose to do you will have an interesting time.

7. Consider a romantic stroll around half-a-mile of medieval town walls and castle that surround the town of Denbigh. If you want the ultimate Clwyd dating experience watch the sun go down from the Countess Tower.

8. Prestatyn houses something for the romantic with peace and quiet on their minds, the Roman Bath House Archaeological Excavations. Here is an opportunity to muse over the what’s and why’s of a time gone by.

9. Plas Newydd is a museum in Llangollen celebrating the lives of Lady Eleanor Butler and Miss Sarah Ponsonby. The building retains its Gothic features and the beautiful gardens house the ring of stones used in the 1908 Eisteddfod.

10. Holywell draws its name from the Holy Well and Shrine of St Winefride. The rumour here is, in the 7th century the spring waters revived St Winefride after she had been decapitated, a punishment metered out for shunning a local tribal chief’s own version of Clwyd casual sex meets.

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March 4, 2015

Nadean, 30 what the future holds for my libido

Off the market after recently having our first baby and we’ve both agreed to behave ourselves…for now. Window shopping only.
Good luck in your search all.
See you next year…maybe. Hmmm where to go, where to go, where to go? Think Beaconsfield it is, with my best girl. Watch out Revs, I will be setting the dancefloor on fire. It’s true, being pregnant does make a lady rather horny, especially in the later stages. 34 weeks down, 6 more weeks to go. Let’s see what the future holds for my libido…

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February 20, 2015

Charlotte,42 LK Bennett type of girl

Well I’ve been here before and met a great guy through a similar site last year and we had a great 8 months together like all good things eventually it had to come to an end, but I am well aware what I am getting myself into and what an affair involves. When it works its a fantastic experience.
I’m not looking for a one night stand or to be a notch on somebody’s bedpost I’m looking for one guy I can meet up with semi regularly for fun and frolics, a friends with benefits type of situation.
My job is quite stressful and demanding so I’m looking to relieve some of the day to day tension, I’m quite driven bit of a career girl so would be interested in someone similar driven, successful in his chosen profession.
I love to travel and have been lucky enough to visit some great place, enjoy the gym and go to Pilates weekly which I find very relaxing, like most girls I love to shop and in terms of style I’m definitely more of a Karen Millen, LK Bennett type of girl than I am top shop or river island.
I generally go for the old cliche tall, dark and handsome however my affair last year taught me to never judge a book by its cover and chemistry is a funny thing it’s either there or it isn’t you can’t force it……..the one stipulation I do have is height I’m quite tall 5’7 and love to wear heels as I have a vast collection so if your below 5’11 it’s probably not going to work.

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November 12, 2014

Looking for Casual Sex in the South of England?

Looking for Casual Sex in the South of England? Sexmeets gives you a city by city guide to hooking up for casual relationships in the South of England.

Enjoy the SexMeets city guides which will help you get the most out of your casual encounter, affair or sex meet. Browse this city by city guide to casual sex and find the South of England’s hottest spots to connect. From London to Plymouth we share the coolest places to meet up before you enjoy a night of casual sex.

Sex Dating in the South of England

Sex dating is a massive and growing trend in the South of England. Every night, thousands of sexy women and men get together for casual sex, one night stands, illicit affairs and booty calls.

Our city guides cover the best bars, restaurants and nightclubs where you can get together before you get intimate. We share with you the best spots for casual sex dating in every city in the South of England.


Here’s our city by city guide to casual sex dating –


Casual Sex Dating in London

Casual Sex Dating in Bristol

Casual Sex Dating in Bournemouth and Poole

Casual Sex Dating in Brighton and Hove

Casual Sex Dating in Plymouth

Casual Sex Dating in Aldershot and Farnborough

Casual Sex Dating in Southampton

Casual Sex Dating in Portsmouth

Casual Sex Dating in Luton

Casual Sex Dating in Milton Keynes

Casual Sex Dating in Worthing

Casual Sex Dating in Ipswich

Casual Sex Dating in Crawley

Casual Sex Dating in Southend on Sea

Casual Sex Dating in Swindon

Casual Sex Dating in Reading

Casual Sex Dating in Oxford

Casual Sex Dating in Gloucester

Casual Sex Dating in Cambridge

Casual Sex Dating in Hastings


You will find plenty of no string sex and casual affairs in the South of England. Even the smallest of towns offers great pubs and clubs where you can meet like-minded adults for erotic fun.


Best Places for Sex Dating in the South of England

Casual Sex – Meet up in A Bar

It’s always nice to share a drink and get to know each other before you hook up. Enjoy our list of cool bars, city by city – from Sakura in Reading to O’Neills in Bournemouth we’ve taken the guess work out of hot bars to try. Bars can be a great place to hook up– enjoy a few drinks and get to know each other before enjoy your casual sex encounter. The darkness of bars makes it a perfect spot to check each other out before heading to bed.

Clubs – Perfect Place to Practise your Moves

While casual sex means no commitments, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some great times with your sex buddy. In between connecting for casual sex why not check out each other’s moves in a nightclub? Getting saucy together on the dance floor can lead to some great steamy sex as you build up the heat. Get your woman aroused by letting her feel the heat of your body against her. Connect hip to hip for a taste of what’s to come later. Why not try the sexy vibe of the Libertine in London or for dance lovers Thirst in Oxford.

Chill Out Zone – Places to Relax After Casual Sex

You’ve enjoyed a great casual encounter but you’re still looking for fun. How about chilling out together in some of the most relaxed spots in the South of England? These are perfect for ending your evening on a high and making sure your sex buddy will enjoy your next encounter. Relax at the Merkaba in Brighton, or Le Chic in Bournemouth.



Whether you are looking for a one night stand, casual sex or an illicit affair, Sex Meets can help you connect with consenting adults from all across the South of England. From London to Brighton, from Southampton to Portsmouth it has never been this easy to get laid. Enjoy casual sex the way you like it with our tens of thousands of genuine horny adult members. Join today and get laid tonight!

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October 29, 2014

Looking for Casual Sex in the North of England?

Looking for Casual Sex in the North of England? Here is our city by city guide to the best hook up spots for casual relationships in the North of England.

We’ve put together mini city guides to help you get the most out of your sex meet, illicit affair or casual encounter. Enjoy our city by city guide to casual sex in the North of England’s hottest places. From Newcastle to Blackpool we’ve uncovered cool places to meet before you share a night of casual sex.

Sex Dating in the North of England

Sex dating is hot in the North of England. Thousands of hot and horny women and men love to meet up for casual sex encounters, extra marital affairs and steamy sex meets.

If you are looking for great places to meet before you enjoy sex together why not take a look at our city guides –


Casual Sex Dating in Manchester

Casual Sex Dating in Liverpool

Casual Sex Dating in Leeds

Casual Sex Dating in Sheffield

Casual Sex Dating in Teesside

Casual Sex Dating in Stoke-on-Trent

Casual Sex Dating in Leicester

Casual Sex Dating in Wirral

Casual Sex Dating in Nottingham

Casual Sex Dating in Bradford

Casual Sex Dating in Newcastle

Casual Sex Dating in Bolton

Casual Sex Dating in Hull

Casual Sex Dating in Preston

Casual Sex Dating in Barnsley

Casual Sex Dating in York

Casual Sex Dating in Sunderland

Casual Sex Dating in Rochdale

Casual Sex Dating in Warrington

Casual Sex Dating in Mansfield

Casual Sex Dating in Blackburn

Casual Sex Dating in Burnley

Casual Sex Dating in Huddersfield

Casual Sex Dating in Wakefield

Casual Sex Dating in Blackpool

Casual Sex Dating in Grimsby

Casual Sex Dating in Telford

Casual Sex Dating in Doncaster


The North of England is a hotbed of illicit encounters and no strings affairs. From small towns to big cities there are plenty of pubs, bars and clubs where you can connect for casual sex. Here’s our pick of the best.


Top Spots for Sex Dating in the North of England

Bars – Great Places to Connect for Casual Sex

Why not meet for a drink before you hook-up? Check out our list of hot bars by city – from Jalou in Newcastle to Rumours in Blackpool we’ve pounded the streets to provide you with top tips for great meeting spots. Bars are a great place to connect – enjoy a few drinks and get to know each other before you slip away for a night between the sheets. The anonymity of bars makes it a perfect place to check each other out before hooking up.

Clubs – Enjoy Time Together with your No Strings Sex Buddy

You may not be looking for commitment but that doesn’t mean you can’t share good times with your sex buddy. In between hooking up for casual sex why not enjoy each other’s moves in a nightclub? Getting hot and steamy on the dance floor can lead to some wild sex later on. Women love to flirt and dance and the feeling of your body against her can really arouse her. Make sure your hips connect for some bump and grind that shows her exactly what to expect later. For the best no strings fun check out our list of hot nightclubs – try the sexy vibe of the Vampire Suite in Liverpool or for something more upbeat the Corporation Club in Sheffield.

Chilled Out – Cool Places to Wind Down After Your Casual Encounter

You’ve had a great no strings encounter and the night is still young. How about relaxing together in some of the coolest chill out bars in the North of England? Perfect for ending an evening of passion feeling relaxed and ready for your next sex meet. Chill out at the Revolution Bar Newcastle, or Bar Zero Warrington.

Whatever type of relationship you are looking for in the North of England, SexMeets can help you connect with consenting adults to fulfil your every sexual need and desire. Our members are looking for no strings affairs, casual encounters and dirty sex meets. Join today and hook up tonight with hotties who are up for it.

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September 29, 2014

Casual Relationships – Easy to find online

Casual relationships might be the perfect type of hook up for you. While there are numerous ways to find a casual relationship online, there is one best method. If you truly desire to find a casual casual relationshipsrelationship online, you need to use online dating.


Online dating is the best way to find a casual relationship online. By attempting to find a casual relationship online, you eliminate the risk of the situation getting messy when things end.


When looking for casual encounters online, you need to find the best online dating sites for your current location. The best online dating sites vary from city to city, not to mention country to country.


You also need to decide what types of site(s) you are going to use. There are general online dating sites, classified sites, niche online dating sites, and casual encounters online dating sites.


casual relationshipsGeneral online dating sites are the sites most people think of when they think online dating. These sites include OkCupid.com, Plenty of Fish, and more. Users can use these sites in any manner they see fit. They can use them to find a spouse, a significant others, or a casual relationship. The benefit these sites give people who desire a casual relationship is the number of users.


Classified sites are sites where users can post specific ads about their desires. Sites like Craigslist and Gumtree are classified ad sites. The benefit these sites provide users are the ability to post exactly what they want and are looking for.


Niche online dating sites are for individuals who know exactly what they are looking for. These sites typically involve a certain subset of people or people who have a specific fetish. Again, the benefit these sites provide their users are the ability to find exactly what they are looking for.


Finally, there are casual relationship dating sites. These sites are a specific type of niche site. The benefit an online dating site that revolves around casual relationship provides users is that everyone on the site is looking for the same thing, a casual encounter. One great site for casual relationships in the UK is casualencounters.co.uk.

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September 22, 2014

Why Casual Relationships Found Online Are Better

While casual relationships can be incredible, a casual relationship started online can be even more fulfilling.

See, casual relationships by nature are not meant to last. You could have a casual relationship that is merely a casual encounter. You meet with someone for one time. You have your fun. You explore your sexuality. Then it is over.

Or you casual relationship could run over the course of months, even years. In a long lasting casual relationship, you might have sex with your casual partner often or once in a blue moon. Yet, no matter how long a casual relationship lasts it is meant to end. This is unless you decide to change your casual relationship to a committed one.

When you casual relationship eventually ends, there could be feelings involved. Or the end could signify nothing to either party. Either way, most people whom en a casual relationship prefer not to be around one and other any longer. Due to this fact, casual relationships found online offer those looking to explore their sexuality a better option than attempting to find a casual relationship in person.

The problem with fining a casual relationship in person is two-fold. First, you may not know if the individuals you hope to have a casual encounter and/or relationship would be into that sort of things. Second, when the relationship ends you may still find yourself around the other person often.

When you start a casual relationship in person you typically are starting this relationship with someone you are familiar with. For example, many casual relationships are started with work colleagues, through one’s social circle, or with someone you see in your day-to-day life. When you start a casual relationship in this manner, you are running a big risk.

The risk of having to see that person often when things end! Instead, you should start casual relationships online. You will be able to reach a wide array of people online. Allowing you to engage in casual encounters with people you never have to see again when the encounter or relationship ends.

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Make the best of every day

I am a positive person who tries to make the best of every day. I am family orientated, love animals, love to joke around, and can laugh at myself. I am shy at first but just give me a chance to get to know you and I come out of my shell. I am hardworking honest and loyal and strive to live my life with integrity. I very much believe in treating others the way I would like to be treated. Love music, most genre’s and some of it I think I will never outgrow… yes, I like some of my daughters music and she enjoys some of my iconic stuff from 20 years ago…. I like trying new things to a degree… dont have the desire to go shark cage diving… would rather swim with dolphins… Enjoy long walks on the beach or in a nature reserve. Enjoy travelling. Would like to meet someone who I can share lifes adventurers and challenges with. Someone who will hug me so tight that all the broken pieces stick back together… hahaha. Because hugs make everything better… that being said, have dealt with my baggage and I am a pretty uncomplicated individual who has learnt from my knocks and got back up again… dont sweat the small stuff, never despair, never give up. Keeping The Faith.

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