February 10, 2014

Sex Meets – Casual Relationships Should you buy a Valentines Gift?

Celebrating Valentine’s Day when in a casual relationship can be tough, especially because you need to be careful of your actions and how they might be interpreted. Being in a casual encounter is very different to a serious and romantic relationship. You need to realize whether a specific act will send a different message from what you intend. Perhaps the big question is this: is it alright to buy a Valentines gift for that particular person?

The answer lies within the rules that govern the relationship that you have. A casual relationship has particular rules. These rules should be discussed even before starting your relationship or agreement. This is to avoid future confusion and to serve as a guide on how you should act when you are together. It is alright to give gifts during Valentine’s Day but make sure these are low keys – which mean it will not encourage special feelings of further intimacy. You can give a simple Valentines card. You can let the person know that you appreciate being in a casual relationship with him or her. You can also send a simple text message. Do not do something that will put pressure on the both of you and create disharmony in the relationship. A simple act that is not properly thought about will create a negative vibe. If you have no plans during for Valentine’s Day, then by all means you can spend the day or night together. However, forget about fancy dinner dates elaborate flowers or chocolates. You can agree to meet anytime you want and make out or have casual sex just like you always do. You can go on with your casual relationship afterwards like nothing happened. It is all about being simple and informal.