August 22, 2014

Thirty Ways to Satisfaction – The Joy on Online Casual Sex

  1. What Is A Casual Encounter?
  2. Why Casual Relationships Are Awesome
  3. Why Casual Relationships Found Online Are Better
  4. How To Find Casual Relationships Online
  5. Before You Get Started…
  6. How To Set Up Your Profile On A Casual Dating Site
  7. Casual Relationship Profile Writing Tips For Women
  8. Casual Relationship Profile Writing Tips For Men
  9. Communicating Your Sexual Preferences Online
  10. What To Look For In A Casual Relationship
  11. What Types Of People To Avoid
  12. How To Message Women
  13. How To Message Men
  14. How Long Should You Message Before You Take Things Offline?
  15. How To Stay Safe
  16. How To Set Up Meeting For The First Time
  17. First Meeting Ideas
  18. Communicating Your Sexual Preferences In Person
  19. The First Time Together
  20. Shall We Continue This?
  21. Exploring New Things
  22. Exploring Sexual Acts: Anal
  23. Exploring Sexual Acts: BDSM
  24. Exploring Sexual Acts: Public Sex
  25. Exploring Sexual Acts: Threesome
  26. When Should You End A Casual Relationship?
  27. How To End A Casual Relationship
  28. Moving On From A Casual Relationship
  29. Transitioning From Casual To Committed, Part One
  30. Transitioning From Casual To Committed, Part Two


What Is A Casual Encounter?

In the past online dating had a stigma around the whole process. People who were looking for love or loving online were seen as the dregs of society, as losers. If you were not successful in meeting your romantic goals and sexual needs through your day-to-day activities, you shouldn’t even try to fulfill your needs by other means.

Yet, in modern society online dating is seen as the new normal. Everyone seems to have taken a stab at dating online. There is no more judgment when you tell someone of your online dating activities. This is a great thing.

Now, most people feel free to peruse whatever they desire when dating online. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the love of your life or a quickie for tonight, you can find it online.

While many people use online dating to find love, there is a new trend in the online dating community. Many online daters are now using online dating to find casual encounters and casual relationships.

See, a casual encounter and/or relationship is simply engaging in sexual acts with someone you have no desire to date, marry, or even on occasion, see again. When you have a casual encounter with someone, you are simply exploring your sexual nature.

Many individuals have found casual encounters to be erotic and stimulating due to the discreet and often, naughty nature of the sexual acts. A casual relationship gives many people a chance to explore sides of their sexuality they may have otherwise ignored.

By exploring your true sexual identity in a casual relationship, you allow yourself to be happy. You allow yourself to find to pleasure, in and out of the bedroom.

If you sex life is stagnant, you owe it to yourself to find a casual encounter and/or relationship!

Why Casual Encounters Are Awesome

As human beings, we are born with an innate desire to have sex with individuals we found attractive. This is true of almost every single person on earth. Yet, many times our sexual desires get pushed to the backburner. There are other facets of life than sex and we often prioritize these areas over our own pleasure.

When we deprioritize our pleasure, many of us tend to become sexually frustrated. Being sexually frustrated is part of the human condition; still many find their frustration as more of a routine than a rut. This is where the problem lies…

Everyone eventually reaches a tipping point within his or her sex lives. If you are not finding the pleasure you desire on a consistent basis, you will seek this pleasure out in some way or another.

When you reach this stage in your life, you realize you need something more. You need a way to release your sexual frustration and allow your true sexual nature to come through. When you arrive at this point, you need to pursue a casual encounter and/or relationship.

A casual encounter and/or relationship are the best way to alleviate your sexual frustrations. By keeping things casual, you allow yourself to explore your sexuality in ways you never imagined.

When you have a casual sexual encounter with someone, you both get to experience the pleasure of sex without strings attached. The key to having an incredible casual encounter and/or relationship is to always be honest and upfront. Never attempt to coerce someone into a casual encounter and/or relationship if you know they desire something more. You are looking to explore your sexuality, not hurt someone’s feelings.

If you’ve been finding your sexual frustration levels rising, you need to have a casual encounter or three!

Why Casual Relationships Found Online Are Better

While casual relationships can be incredible, a casual relationship started online can be even more fulfilling.

See, casual relationships by nature are not meant to last. You could have a casual relationship that is merely a casual encounter. You meet with someone for one time. You have your fun. You explore your sexuality. Then it is over.

Or you casual relationship could run over the course of months, even years. In a long lasting casual relationship, you might have sex with your casual partner often or once in a blue moon. Yet, no matter how long a casual relationship lasts it is meant to end. This is unless you decide to change your casual relationship to a committed one.

When you casual relationship eventually ends, there could be feelings involved. Or the end could signify nothing to either party. Either way, most people whom en a casual relationship prefer not to be around one and other any longer. Due to this fact, casual relationships found online offer those looking to explore their sexuality a better option than attempting to find a casual relationship in person.

The problem with fining a casual relationship in person is two-fold. First, you may not know if the individuals you hope to have a casual encounter and/or relationship would be into that sort of things. Second, when the relationship ends you may still find yourself around the other person often.

When you start a casual relationship in person you typically are starting this relationship with someone you are familiar with. For example, many casual relationships are started with work colleagues, through one’s social circle, or with someone you see in your day-to-day life. When you start a casual relationship in this manner, you are running a big risk.

The risk of having to see that person often when things end! Instead, you should start casual relationships online. You will be able to reach a wide array of people online. Allowing you to engage in casual encounters with people you never have to see again when the encounter or relationship ends.

How To Find Casual Relationships Online

While there are numerous ways to find a casual relationship online, there is one best method. If you truly desire to find a casual relationship online, you need to use online dating.

Online dating is the best way to find a casual encounter and/or relationship online. By attempting to find a casual encounter online, you eliminate the risk of the situation getting messy when things end.

When looking for casual encounters online, you need to find the best online dating sites for your current location. The best online dating sites vary from city to city, not to mention country to country.

You also need to decide what types of site(s) you are going to use. There are general online dating sites, classified sites, niche online dating sites, and casual encounters online dating sites.

General online dating sites are the sites most people think of when they think online dating. These sites include, Plenty of Fish, and more. Users can use these sites in any manner they see fit. They can use them to find a spouse, a significant others, or a casual relationship. The benefit these sites give people who desire a casual relationship is the number of users.

Classified sites are sites where users can post specific ads about their desires. Sites like Craigslist and Gumtree are classified ad sites. The benefit these sites provide users are the ability to post exactly what they want and are looking for.

Niche online dating sites are for individuals who know exactly what they are looking for. These sites typically involve a certain subset of people or people who have a specific fetish. Again, the benefit these sites provide their users are the ability to find exactly what they are looking for.

Finally, there are casual encounter online dating sites. These sites are a specific type of niche site. The benefit an online dating site that revolves around casual relationship provides users is that everyone on the site is looking for the same thing, a casual encounter. One great site for casual encounters in the UK is

Before you get started…

Before you jump in head over heels in your pursuit of a casual relationship or three, you need to come prepared. If you jump in too soon and forget to do your homework, you will not be happy with the results.

The first thing you need to do is make sure the site you choose to use to pursue casual encounters is exactly what you are looking for. You do not want to waste your time and or money signing up for a site that is not going to help you achieve your online dating goals.

Once you believe a site may be what you are looking for, you need to begin reading reviews of the site. Any reputable online dating or casual encounter site will have members who vouch for the site. All you need to do is Google the name of the site. Reviews will pop up. Read them and see if the site is worthwhile. While you cannot expect all reviews of a site to be positive, it’s a bad omen if every review of a site is negative.

After you found a site that intrigues you and you’ve found positive reviews, you’ll want to search the members of the site. This will typically require you to sign up for a free trial. This is fine as long as you do not have to enter a credit card.

Once you created your free trial account, you will be able to view members of the site. Look through the site and make sure there are people using the online dating site with which you find yourself attracted. You should be able to find numerous members of the site that you could see yourself in a casual relationship with.

By following these steps, you will set yourself up for success from the get-go when looking for casual encounters online.

How To Set Up Your Profile On A Casual Dating Site

The first set to finding casual encounters online is to set up your profile on the site(s) of your choosing. The key to setting up your profile is to come off as attractive as possible to those you hope to attract.


To begin, you need to select your photos. While staying within the rules and policies of the site you are using, you need to pick photos that show you as an attractive person. You want to choose photos that show you in as attractive a light as possible. If you have an incredible smile, show that off in your pictures. If you have a great body, show that off in your pictures.

With your pictures, you don’t want to be shy. Be your best self. Your photos will have a great effect on how successful your pursuit of casual relationships will be. The easiest way to make sure you choose the best pictures of yourself is to have a member of the opposite sex look at them for you. Ask this person to pick out the photos they think make you look as attractive as possible.


Once you have your photos chosen, you’ll want to move on to writing your self-summary. Most people struggle to talk about themselves, much less write about themselves in an attractive manner.

Don’t be afraid!

Writing your profile out is not a life or death situation. The keys to writing a great self-summary of you are to be honest and playful. You need to be honest about who you are. Describe your hobbies, you likes, your dislikes, etc.

Next you’ll want to write exactly what you are looking for one the site. You do not need to get into great detail, but this will help clarify things to other users.

Profile Writing Tips For Women

When a woman begins to date online, she will typically be bombarded will messages and emails from men. Some of these men she may find attractive, many of these men she will not. Women can become overwhelmed when beginning the online dating process.

Yet, many women have found great relationships, casual and otherwise through online dating…

How did they do it?


They created an online persona and profile that catered to their unique desires and interest in men. See all women are different and all women desire different things. The key to a woman having success finding a casual relationship through online dating is to be clear with what she desires.

The Profile


When a woman writes he profile, she does not have to do anything provocative, witty, or interesting to attract men. All she needs to do is write an honest, attractive summary of her personality. She should avoid attempting to be witty or sarcastic. When a woman claims to be sarcastic or witty this tends to come off as ‘try-hard’ to men.

When a woman writes her online dating profile she should use languages that shows her personality in a charming, sweet, and sensual light. Once she has accomplished this, she should also tell men what she is looking for. A woman should describe the type of man she likes and the type of relationship she is looking for.

A woman does not need to get into gory details of her sexual desires; she simply needs to say she is looking for fun. Men will know what this means.

A woman can also mention her favorite activities and hobbies to a man as these can serve as great first date or meet ideas before the casual relationship officially begins.

Profile Writing Tips For Men

Writing an online dating profile is a completely different process for men than it is for women (link). When a man writes an online dating profile he is attempting to come off as attractive as possible to potential mates. A woman is simply trying to not turn off a man who is attracted to her photos.

The Tips

When a man wants to write an attractive online dating profile, he needs to remember one thing:

Show don’t tell!

A man needs to show a woman he is attractive. A man needs to show a woman he is adventurous. A man needs to show a woman he is funny. A man needs to show a woman he has a backbone.

You cannot tell a woman about your personality. This does not work in person and it certainly does not work on an online dating profile. She doesn’t want to hear about you, she wants to “feel” you.

She wants to be in awe when you recall your tale of adventure in the jungles of the Serengeti. She wants to laugh out loud as you tell a joke. She wants to see your backbone in action because you’ve set boundaries for yourself.

She does not want a man who tells her he is adventurous, funny, and strong willed. She wants a man that shows her these characteristics. You can do this through your online dating profile.

Tell her a story about adventure using vivid language. Make her laugh with a funny joke on your profile. Tell her exactly what type of woman you are not looking for.

By doing these things in your profile, you can show a woman your attractive traits.

*Lastly, men do not need to be upfront about their intentions online. It is assumed on most online dating sites men are willing to engage in casual relationships.

How To Properly Communicate Your Sexual Preferences Online

When using online dating for casual encounters, you may desire to communicate your sexual preferences and desires to other users quickly. On many general online dating sites you can do just that be checking a ‘casual sex’ box in the looking for sections of these sites.

Yet, on sites that are specifically used for casual encounters and fetishes communicating your sexual desires and preferences becomes more important. The proper way to communicate to other members of the site your sexual preferences is to describe them in detail.

The two types of details people using casual dating sites should dive deep into are what they desire and whom they desire. By covering these two topics, you will increase your chances of finding a perfect casual encounter and/or relationship.

Whom You Prefer

When you begin to describe the type of man or woman you desire, you need to be clear about what you are looking for. You can use hair color, skin color, size of certain aspects, etc. to describe your perfect hook up. This not rude when using a casual encounters site. You are looking for a specific type of person to have a casual encounter with, not just anybody.

If you are looking for a MILF with fake breasts, then describe her. If you are looking for a Latin man with a large penis and an accent, then describe him.  Whatever you desire in a casual encounter, describe this person when you communicate your sexual preferences online.

What You Prefer

As well, you need to describe what you are looking to do with your casual encounter. No matter how weird or normal the act(s) are, paint a picture for your potential partner. This is another situation where you want to use imagery to describe the scene for others. You want to show them what you desire, not tell them…

What To Look For In A Casual Relationship

When engaging in a casual relationship with someone you’re attracted to, you get to choose exactly what you want.  There is no pressure on your relationship. You are in a casual relationship. No one is expecting anything from the other person other than fun and excitement.

When you are looking for a casual relationship you should be looking for someone who is exciting to you. You are casual dating this person. You don’t expect anything. Feel free to shoot for the stars!

Be On The Lookout

Still, there are a few things to be on the lookout for when deciding to have a casual relationship with someone. First, you should try to find someone who is local and available when you are looking for a casual relationship. There is nothing worse than having an incredible casual encounter with someone only to find out he or she live far away from you. This creates a situation where you would like to have sex with them again, but it is not feasible.

Another thing to look for in a casual partner is stability. You are looking for someone who isn’t going to provide you headaches. This is a casual relationship. Casual relationships should not provide you with drama. They should provide you with pleasure and orgasms. Avoid casual relationship partners that seem to be more trouble than they are worth.

No Pressure

The best part about casual relationships is the incredible sexual experiences that can be had when you remove pressure from the relationship. Make sure your new casual partner understands this. Many people begin casual relationships only to develop feelings and expectations for the relationship. By keeping your relationship pressure-free, you can ensure immense pleasure for both parties with minimal pain.

What Types Of People To Avoid In Casual Relationship

Casual relationships can be an incredible experience for most people. They allow you to explore a side of your sexuality you may have been ignoring in previous relationships. Casual encounters allow you to be your true self when it comes to your sexual desires and needs.

Yet, casual encounters and/or relationships can be a risky endeavor. If you do not select the right person to have a casual relationship, you can bring undue drama into your life.

In order to ensure you have a successful casual relationship, avoid these types of people:


While there are some people with criminal records who are great humans, on the whole if someone has a criminal record there is a reason for it. You want to avoid these people even for casual encounters.

You never know when their criminal past may catch up to them. While convicts can be exciting for some, they will cause more harm to your life than good in most cases.

Mentally Unstable

If you are considering engaging in a casual relationship with someone, make sure to screen him or her for stability. Many people have mental disorders and issues. You do not want to insert yourself into the middle of someone else’s problems.

Your goal in a casual relationship is to enjoy yourself and experience pleasure. Dealing with a mentally unstable person will minimize both of these things.


You are not getting into a casual relationship in order to add drama to your life. You may want to spice up your sex life, but you can do that without adding drama.

If your new casual partner has shown you the ability to abuse you, you need to get out of the relationship immediately. Domestic abuse can even happen in a casual relationship. Avoid violence at all costs.

Just Be Smart


You are looking to have fun and explore in a casual relationship. By avoiding the type of people listed above, you will maximize the chances of having a successful casual relationship.

How To Message Women Looking For Casual Relationships

If a woman is using an online dating site like, then she is looking for fun. When you message her, she will explicitly understand you are in the same boat.

But, there is still an art form to message women looking for casual encounters. Here are a few rules to follow:

Avoid “Hi” or “Hey”

When you message women online you always want to avoiding coming off like every other guy out there. Being similar to other men is boring to women. Women looking for casual encounters are looking for excitement.

Sending them a “hey” or “hi” is not exciting, actually it’s boring. Unless you have the face of a male model and the body of a bodybuilder, you need to excite a woman with your words.

Avoid Going Sexual Quickly

While you are using a site to find a hook up, you don’t need to tell a woman you want to bang her in your opening message. This is already implied as you are using the site just like she is.

Plus, a lot of other dudes have already told her exactly what they imagine doing to her before they even said hello to her. After awhile this gets old to women.

Hello Plus a Compliment Can Work

An easy way to begin messaging a woman online is by saying hello to her and the giving her a compliment. While somewhat counter-intuitive, this method tends to work well.

Try saying something like, “Hey what’s up-Whoa! You are cute!” or “Dang! You are attractive! How are you.” Both of these messages will likely get you a positive response from a woman if she is attracted to your photos.

After you are messaging her you can begin to add in the sexual conversation depending on how things are progressing. You are on a casual encounters site after all…

How To Message Men Looking For Casual Encounters

If a man is using an online dating site like, then he is looking for fun. When you message him, he will explicitly understand you are in the same boat.

Yet, men typically engage or message women first when dating online. This is just online dating protocol and a woman should feel free to message a man if she wants to. There could be one guy who you just have to reach out to because you find yourself so attracted to him.

But, there is still an art form to message men looking for casual encounters. Here are a few rules to follow:

Avoid “Hi” or “Hey”

When a woman messages a man online, she almost always says something completely lame like, “hi” or “hey”. Then these women are confused when a man does not message her back…

Well, you seem boring. A man will decide if he wants to message you back mainly on your photos, but if he is on the fence about you then your message matters. You need to put in more effort to your opening message than “hi” or “hey”.


Don’t Play Games


When messaging a man online, some women want to become online pen pals. This is a huge no-no. Men despise a woman who just wants to chat online. You are wasting his time.

If you are not using a casual encounters site to meet people in real life, you need to delete your account. If you are using the sites to meet people, don’t waste your whole life messaging. Be engaging if you find a man attractive and then find out when you two can meet in person.

The Key To Messaging For Women

Real attraction and connection comes when you meet someone in person. If you find yourself attracted to a man you are messaging online, find out when you can meet in person. Don’t waste time messaging back and forth for too long. The man may move on if you do…

How Long Should You Message Someone Before You Take Things Offline


When messaging someone on an online dating or casual encounters site, you are basically screening to see if you want to hook up with him or her. Each person has a different time frame in deciding the perfect number of messages before they agree to meet up.


You do not want to wait so long that you leave the other person wondering if you are even interested in meeting. There is a fine line in this equation. If you jump the gun to early and appear too anxious to meet up, you may scare the other person off. Yet, if you play it cool you may turn the person off with your aloofness.

Here are some tips in balancing your ‘messaging to meeting’ act:


Time & Day

The time of day and the day of the week you are messaging someone can be a huge determinant of how many messages you exchange before meeting up. If it is the weekend, you may only exchange a few messages before meeting out at a bar.

If it is during the week, you may exchange numerous messages with someone before you meet. The weekdays allow for a longer virtual conversation typically.

Where You Are Meeting

If you are meeting someone out in public, you will typically require less messaging than if you are trying to meet someone in his or her home or your home. This is because meeting in public is less risky than inviting a stranger into your home.

If you are meeting in private instead of a public place, you will be better served to get to know the person through messaging before you head to a private place.

On Average

Typically people send between 5-15 messages back and forth on a casual dating site before they exchange contact information and plan a meet up.

While some people use different methods or engage in messaging conversations that last days upon days, this can be a waste of time.

How To Stay Safe When Using A Casual Encounters Site

Using a casual dating site to fill your life with casual encounters can be an exhilarating process. You get to interact with attractive people with whom you could see yourself being intimate. These people are also thinking about having intense sexual experiences with you…

Before the excitement of the situation gets to your head and other regions, you need to remember to stay safe! Here’s a few easy ways to make sure you do so:

Don’t Give Out Your Full Name

The world is a scary place and by giving someone you met online your full, real name you open yourself up to a number of issues. Now this person can Google you, Facebook you, and much more.

Giving out your real name also leaves you open to a digital attack on your reputation, finances, and more. While I am not advocating being dishonest with anyone you meet online, you need to protect your identity somewhat.

Always Meet In Public

This should be a no-brainer, but I hear of people meeting in private locations way too often. You need to meet a potential casual encounter in public before you head somewhere private with them.

Even if it’s just for a quick drink then back to their place for a nightcap, you will ensure your safety. You will make sure they are who they say they are online while giving your ‘gut’ a chance to do its just. If your gut instinct is telling you the person is not a person you want to interact with, politely get up and leave. Always trust your gut!


Always Tell A Friend

This one can be personal, but if you have any doubts whatsoever about the person you are meeting tell a friend of your plans. You do not need to get into detail that you are meeting someone you met of a personal encounters site for the first time. No, just tell you friend you may check in with him or her every few hours because your going on a first date and you want an “out” in case it goes south!

Setting Up The First Meeting

So you’ve met that crazy attractive man or woman on a site like and you cannot wait to meet the sexy being. You imagine all the sensual and naughty acts you are going to do together. You get excited!

Yet, you don’t even have plans to meet up as of yet…

So you rack your brain on how to plan out a perfect scenario where you get to meet the person who is running your imagination wild for the first time. And you come up stumped, you don’t want to mess things up.

Here’s how to ensure you set up a perfect first meeting:


Meet In Public

The first key to ensuring you have an incredible first meeting is to meet in public. Even if you cannot wait to get in private with the person, you need to stay safe. The best way to stay safe is to meet someone in public before taking things private.

Leave The Mystery

While it can be tempting to want to text and call the person you have plans to meet up with often, you need to refrain. You want to keep the excitement and mystery in tact for the first meeting.

Limit your communication until you have actually met the individual in person. You still need to stay in some type of contact with them, but texting them all day for the two days leading up to your meet up could leave the other person with cause for concern…

Meet Quickly

If you are committed to a potential casual encounter with someone, you want to meet up with him or her as quickly as possible. If you exchange contact information after messaging on a casual dating site, you should try to meet with one to three days of moving your interactions off the site.

By following up and meeting someone quickly, you ensure the excitement you generated from messaging together bubbles over to you first meeting!

The Best First Meeting Ideas

The first meeting is an integral part of a starting a casual relationship with someone. Without meeting first, you cannot begin a casual relationship with someone. You cannot feel someone through a computer screen!

Still, first meeting can bring the jitters for many casual online daters. Will he or she like me in person? Will they look like their photos? Will they be a normal human being?!

These are all valid questions when you are meeting someone for the first time from a casual dating site. The meeting could go astray and turn out to be a waste of time or you could end up having a wild and intimate night.

To ensure your night turns out for the better, you need to make sure you meet for the first time in a proper way. With this in mind, here are the best first meeting ideas:


Meeting someone you are thinking of having a casual encounter with at a bar near your place is the absolute best first meeting option. Chances are both parties will be a bit nervous when meeting the first time. By having a drink or three, you alleviate the nerves for both of you.

Plus, meeting at a bar allows you to meet in public when meeting for the first time. This is an important aspect of being a safe casual dater.

Hookah Lounge

If you are not much of a drinker, meeting at a hookah lounge is another great first meeting option. Hookah lounges are laid back and relaxing. The environment facilitates relaxed conversation and can lead to things escalating quickly.

In Private

If you feel extremely comfortable with someone you’ve messaged with online, you can meet them in the privacy of your home or theirs. This is risky due to you not being for sure of their identity in real life.

If you are absolutely committed to having a casual encounter with someone you met online, meeting in private can be the best way to initially meet. Just be careful!

Communicating Your Sexual Preferences In Person

When you meet someone from a casual encounters site (like for the first time, you are meeting for a reason. Being on a casual encounters site, you are both intrigued at the possibility to hooking up. A wild night of intimate fun and passionate sex is on both your minds…

Make no mistake about it!

With this implied arrangement, you will surely end up talking about sex. This conversation should be stimulating in more ways than one for both parties. By talking about sexual topics, you will find yourself and your partner in crime aroused if you do it right…

Here is the best ways to communicate your sexual preferences in person:

Be Open

When talking about being imitate with someone, you always want to be honest about what you like and what you dislike. Do not shy away from telling your partner what you are looking for and what you desire in a casual encounter and/or relationship.

Make sure you also find out what they desire. This will make things much better when you end up in private together.

No Talk Of The Past


While discussing what you like is an incredible way to open the sexual communication lines in your casual relationship, you should not bring up things from the past. Brining up past partners or crazy experiences in the past will add no value to your current conversation.

By talking too much of past flings and experiences, you may make your new encounter feel inadequate or nervous. Stick to talking about what you like without talking about your past flings and partners.


Don’t Get Too Vulgar


This tip goes hand-in-hand with the ‘no talk of the past’ tip above. You should not get to detailed in the vulgar aspects of your likes or past. Explaining and elaborating what you enjoy is one thing, reliving a past experience while talking with your new encounter is another.

Keep things interesting and erotic, but make sure not to cross too far over the line with your new encounter!

The First Time Together

So you signed up for a casual encounters site online. You set up your profile and picked photos that made you seem as attractive as you could. You begin messaging with a few people you found attractive. Things progressed and you ended up exchanging contact information with a sexy individual you can’t stop thinking about…

You begin ‘talking’ outside of the site and ended up scheduling a time to meet in person. You met up in public. And things clicked!

The individual you thought was so incredibly sexy online was actually incredibly sexy in person. While an intimate night is implied when using a casual encounters site, meeting up with someone is always somewhat of a crapshoot.

After a few drinks at a bar next to your place, you invite that casual special someone up for a glass of wine in your home. They agreed. You walk up the stairs to your door and you can feel the sexual tension in the air…

The door unlocks and you pour two glasses of wine as you both come to the realization of the moments ahead. A tour of your apartment commences and you end up in the bedroom. You both begin to finish you glass of wine quickly as bedroom eyes are setting in.

The glasses of wine get finished off. Lips touch every so softly and you both embrace the bed. Things progress just as you had imagined they would. You embrace each other’s bodies, gently at first. But, things get rougher…

The sex is amazing. The conversation of your wants and desires you had earlier was perfect you both tend to each other’s needs. All involved has strong orgasms. The first encounter is exactly what you needed. You are satisfied. You both lay in ecstasy.

Your casual encounter rolls over to you ready for more. You want the same and embrace their touch into the night…

Shall We Continue This?


After having a night with a new casual encounter, you may have questions about what will happen next. When finding a hook up online, things never progress in a typical fashion.

One encounter that you marginally enjoyed spending time with may want a casual relationship with you. Someone who you spent a night in ecstasy with may have only wanted you for that night.

This can be difficult on both men and women. However, there is an easy way to figure things out. You need to be honest about the encounter. Casual dating is similar to traditional dating, but it is also different.

In order to have a proper casual encounter and relationship, you need to be honest about things with your partner. You need to be honest about how you feel. While a traditional relationship should be out of the question for someone you meet on a casual dating site, a casual relationship or hooking up relationship can be a great thing.

After being intimate with someone for the first time, you need to make a choice. Do you want to have sexual relations with that person again? Or was your casual encounter more of a one-time thing in your mind?

Once you decide what you want from your encounter, things will be able to progress or end in a logical manner. There is no need to beat around the bush when casually dating. If you want to see a casual encounter again after having sex with them, let them know. If you see your one-night-stand as more of a one time thing, the let them know.

Casual encounters require people to have a bit of thick skin. If you cannot be honest with someone or feel you’ll be hurt if someone is brutally honest with you, then casual encounters may not be for you…

Exploring New Things

One of the best aspects of casual dating is the ability to try new things. Casual encounters give daters a chance to explore new channels of their personality. By having a casual encounter with someone, you allow yourself to explore a new person. This can be an exciting opportunity for many.

Another aspect of a casual encounter is developing a casual relationship with someone. A casual relationship is incredible thing in that it gives the participants a channel to explore their sexuality in a pressure-free environment.

When there are no expectations of your behavior in a relationship, you get a chance to explore who you truly are as a sexual being. When you being to do this, you will find there are numerous sexual experiences you may have missed out on. Or maybe you did not miss out on these experiences, you simply could never allow yourself to engage in certain activities when dating in a traditional manner.

Now that you are in a casual relationship, you crave even more new experiences. Here’s how to satisfy that craving:

Talk About It

The first step in exploring new things within your casual relationship is talking about it with your partner. While certain things naturally come up in the bedroom, some acts are simply never going to happen without a discussion first.

Tell your casual partner of your desires and fantasies. See if they have any similar desires and fantasies. Find out if they are willing to help you explore your newfound sexuality.

Be Open To Ideas

When you open up to your new casual partner and discuss certain acts, they will do the same. If you want him or her to be open about helping you explore these new frontiers, you must return the favor.

When talking about your partner’s desires, be open and honest. Do not shut down an idea immediately unless it is completely out of the realm of possibilities for you. Open up and consider new avenues. You never know, you may like it…


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Finally, when talking of your deepest desires and fantasies you may feel out of your comfort zone. This is especially true if you end up acting on and exploring these fantasies. This is completely normal. Embrace being nervous and explore your sexuality with vigor!

Exploring Sexual Acts: Anal Sex

One of the most common off limits or taboo sexual acts is anal sex. Most people have strong opinions of anal sex. You either love anal sex or you hate it. There are few, if any people who think:

“Yeah, anal sex is ok I guess”

The issue arises in that many people who are either for anal sex or against it have never had anal sex, at least properly. Many people are simply disgusted or scared of anal sex. They have heard horror stories from both sexes of anal sex going horribly and have decided to not even try it out for themselves.

The key to anal sex is doing it right. You never want to have surprise anal sex. That can lead to a disaster for all parties involved. If you want to have anal sex while in a casual relationship, you want to do it the right way.

You want to discuss things with your partner about how your casual encounter will go when you incorporate anal sex. You want to have a plan!

Make A Night Out Of It

To begin, if you decide to have anal sex with your new casual partner and it is new to you then you need to make a night out of it. Plan when you will have anal sex and get prepared. Make sure you have access to a shower, ample lube, a few clean towels, condoms, and some candles.

Before Insertion

Before you place a penis into an asshole, you need to take care of a few things. First, make sure the woman has relieved her bowels and showered. Next you will want to give her an orgasm or two through oral and vaginal sex before any anal sex begins. This will help her to relax and enjoy the experience.

The Beginning

After the woman is clean and had an orgasm, you can get to the anal sex act. It is best to have her start in doggy style, as this will allow her asshole to expand further. Lube her up and start very, very slowly. Anal sex can be very painful for a woman at first.

Once you have the tip of your penis inside of her, check to see how she feels. If everything is ok, begin to go deeper and deeper with every couple strokes.

I have faith you can take things from there…

Exploring Sexual Acts: BDSM

The world of BDSM is a robust subculture that can enthrall a persons whole being. The topic can be deep, dark, and disturbing while at the same time arousing. According to Wikipedia:

“BDSM is a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, role-playing, restraint, and other interpersonal dynamics.”

The vast topic cannot be cover in a single page, as numerous books and novels have been written on the topic. If your new casual relationship involves someone who is experienced with BDSM, do not be afraid to open up to new sexual experiences involving role play, dominance and submission, and much more.

If you are involved in a casual relationship, but neither of you have been involved with BDSM before trend lightly. If dominance and submission is something that arouses you, discuss this with your partner. If both of you are intrigued by the idea of dominance and submission, then follow these steps:

Educate Yourself

The first step in exploring BDSM is to educate yourself on the practices. To begin, you can read a few books about the basics of dominance and submission.

Then look into video and forums on the subject to give you a deeper understanding. Once you have educated yourself somewhat, make sure you speak with your casual partner about what you have learned.


Safety is a much more important aspect of BDSM sexual encounters than when you engage in vanilla sex. Most times you need to negotiate your limits and safe-words before you begin. Have fun with your negotiations, but make sure you are comfortable with everything that is about to happen.


Once you have prepared yourself for your first BDSM experience, enjoy and embrace the experience. BDSM can be an incredible experience, especially within the context of a casual relationship.

Exploring Sexual Act: Public Sex

One reason many individuals explore casual relationships with that exciting member of the opposite sex is simply for the thrill of it. Having sex outside of a traditional committed relationship can be exciting and arousing. Still, all relationships no matter the type run their course…

When something goes up, it must come down. Gravity plays a role in your dopamine levels, just as it does in nature. When a casual relationship stops providing you the same thrills it did in the beginning, you have a few options. You can end the relationship and move on. Or you can find a way to add even more excitement to your casual relationship.

If you choose to take things to the next level in terms of excitement, one easy way to do is through public sex. While self-explanatory, public sex is simply having sex in an area where people can or could see your sexual acts.

While you may have some experience with public sex through your traditional relationships, a casual relationship can allow you to take the next step. By incorporating public sex into your casual relationship, you allow yourself to live out fantasies you didn’t even know you had!

Here are a few great places to have public sex:

Church: Sneaking away into the abandoned Sunday school classroom can be an exciting foray into public sex while in the presence of the lord.

School: A post PTA meeting romp in a bathroom stall can be exhilarating for all involved. Just avoiding attempting public sex while schools in session. That’s just asking to call your lawyer.

Library: Something about shelves and shelves of books can be very erotica. Finding a secluded area of the library and go to town. Just don’t forget to be quiet!

Nightclub: Private bathroom stalls in nightclubs were practically created for public sex. If you’re new to public sex, a nightclub bathroom is a great place to start.

Exploring Sexual Acts: Threesome

One of the most popular taboo sexual encounters is having a threesome. And a casual relationship is one of the best situations to explore your interest in threesomes. Yet, talking about threesomes can be a cumbersome conversation…

When your partner in a casual relationship brings the topic of threesomes into the realm of possibilities, you may begin to feel inadequate. You may feel like you are not enough for your casual partner. This could not be father from the truth. See, we use casual relationships for thrill, excitement, and experience. Many people want to experience the thrills of a threesome. It’s not that you are not enough; your partner is simply looking to share a new experience with you.

When the threesome discussion arises in your casual relationship, the first step in setting up a threesome is deciding what type of threesome you will have. Will there be two women or two men?

Once you decide the type of threesome you will have, you can move on to looking for someone to participate with your partner and you. The easiest way to do this is through a casual encounters site. You can set up the self-summary on your profile to indicate you are looking for a man or a woman to participate in a threesome with you.

Once you find a candidate, make sure to ask for the blessing of your partner. You do not want to bring someone into your threesome experience that your casual partner does not approve of.

Before you plan the night out, go over ground rules with your casual partner. You always want to make sure you are on the same page. Next, you’ll want to plan an evening around your threesome. Your first threesome can be an incredible experience and you want to enjoy the moment. Schedule out a fun night before you arrive in the bedroom.

Pro Tip: If you are a man having a threesome with two girls, only cum with your partner. Casual or not, she will despise the experience if you cum in, on, or with the other girl whom you barely know.

When You Should End A Casual Relationship

One of the greatest benefits a casual relationship provides participants is the ease of termination. When you are in a casual relationship with someone you should never feel remorse if you need to end the relationship for any reason.

A casual relationship is a pressure and stress free situation. You are partaking in an exciting and thrilling casual relationship to fulfill certain sexual needs and fantasies you may have. When you need to end this casual relationship or arrangement, do so.

If you are unsure about ending your casual relationship, you may start to question what you are doing in the casual relationship in the first place.

To ease this confusion, here are a few definite reasons to end your casual relationship:

When You Start A Traditional Relationship


If you end up in a committed and trusting relationship outside of a casual relationship you engage in, you need to end the casual relationship. The committed relationship you are in will never succeed if you continue with your casual partner. While you can have many casual encounters and relationships going at once, do not mix committed relationships with casual ones. This practice is a certain recipe for disaster.


If The Excitement Is Gone


The benefits of a casual relationship are the excitement and the relaxed nature of the agreement. If the excite begins to fade for either party, end the relationship quickly and move on. There should be no hard feelings if the relationship was explicitly casual from the jump.


You Realize The Relationship Is Unhealthy


If you find yourself in a casual relationship with someone who is abusive or violent, you need to immediately end the relationship. Casual relationships are not meant to provide you drama and pain. They are meant for excitement and enjoyment. Do not engage in an abusive relationship, casual or otherwise.

How To End A Casual Relationship

When you begin a casual relationship with someone, you are immediately insinuating that you are a mature adult who can handle having sexual intercourse with someone on a purely physical level. If you cannot commit to this, you need to avoid beginning a casual relationship in the first place. Stick to traditional manners of dating or try out a few casual encounters first.

Yet, when you decide to have a casual relationship with someone as an adult you understand the agreement will eventually come to an end. Whether you decide to end the relationship or your partner chooses to do so, you understand this as a fact of the relationship.

If you decide to end your casual relationship, here is how you do it properly:

Be Honest


Do not beat around the bush when ending a casual relationship. You are dealing with a mature adult who understands the nature of your sexual relationship. If things need to end, tell him or her so bluntly.

You do not need to be rude, but breaking off a casual relationship should not be a difficult process like when you break things off with a significant other.


Be Thankful


While you should be callous when addressing the ending of your relationship with your casual partner, you should also be thankful. Reminding your partner of the good times you share is always good.

Tell him or her how much you enjoying exploring different sides of your sexuality with them. They will most likely share similar feelings with you. This can be fun and possibly lead to one last time between the sheets…


Move On


After you end the relationship, you need to move on. Do not dwell on ending a casual relationship. The relationship was casual for a reason. Either move on with your committed relationship or continue pursuing new casual encounters and/or relationships with someone new.

How To Move On From A Casual Relationship

Casual relationships provide men and women an incredible way to explore their sexualities without the pressures of being committed to someone emotionally. Yet, no one is perfect and things can get tricky with any type of relationship.

Occasionally people develop feelings in a casual relationship. This is fine until the relationship end. Casual relationships are, by nature, designed to end quickly. Thus, if you develop feelings within your casual relationship you will find yourself looking to move on.

Here’s how to move on from an incredible casual relationship to the next phase of your love life:

To A Committed Relationship

If a casual relationship has run it’s course participants need to move on. The best way to do so is by having a committed relationship with someone. While any type of relationship has similarities, a committed relationship can be much different than a casual one.

A committed relationship is the perfect change of pace from a casual one. In a committed relationship, you focus on the emotional aspect of the relationships and the physical one. This change will add another element of excitement and a deeper connection than your casual relationship may have provided you. Embrace this!

New Casual Encounters

If you found yourself hoping to continue hooking up in a casual manner after you end a casual relationship, you can easily find new casual encounters. Simply follow the steps you took to begin the casual relationship that just ended.

If you ended up developing feeling for your casual relationship partner and got hurt, finding new casual encounters is a great way to get over things.


Take A Break

If you find yourself wondering if casual relationships are for you, you may need to put your sex life on the backburner for a while. Take a break from casual encounters and look inside to figure out what you truly desire in life.

Transitioning From Casual To Committed, Part One

Casual relationships are meant to be a pressure-free and exciting environment to explore your sexuality. Casual relationships are not meant to develop into a committed relationship.


No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. Emotions are a funny thing and many times we don’t have complete control over what we feel inside. This presents a problem when you are in a relationship with someone that is explicitly casual.

You develop a strong bond while engaging in lewd and exhilarating sexual acts and encounters with one and other. The connection you have in the bedroom eventually leads to more. You begin to desire seeing your casual relationship partner in a different way. You begin to want to spend time with them outside the bedroom.

The relationship begins to change, but you both are concerned about a commitment. Or you have not even brought the topic up to your partner…

No matter what situation you find yourself in within the confines of this casual relationship, you need to be careful in converting a casual relationship to a committed one.

If you are thinking of doing so, make sure you account for these factors before making the transition to commitment:

Are You Ready?

You must make absolutely sure you are ready for a committed relationship if you decide to make the transition. If you have any questions about commitment, you should avoid progressing your relationship to the next level.

Is He Or She Ready?

Many times your partner will not feel the same way about being in a committed relationship with you. They may be against commitment on a whole or they may not be into you like you are into them. You need to determine if you casual partner would even be open to a committed relationship before you push things to the next level.


Is There More Than Sex?

Sex can make things tricky. Great sex can bring a fog to a relationship. You may be head over heels about the sex you’re having with him or her, but there may be nothing more to the relationship. If you haven’t connected on anything other than a physical level, you need to hold off on pushing for any type of commitment.

Transitioning From Casual To Committed, Part Two

While we have discussed the “If” in moving a relationship from the casual to committed realm, there is also a “How” aspect to the conversation. If you have decided you want or need to convert your casual relationship to a committed one, here’s how to do it:

Bring The Subject Up

Your casual partner may have absolutely no idea you want a relationship of the committed variety. This is to be expected as you have been in an explicitly casual relationship.

This is fine. Breach the topic of commitment in a casual tone and see how your partner feels. They may be feeling the exact same way about you. Or they may be enjoying the casual relationship as is. Brace yourself for either react, but remember to remain relaxed and avoid getting upset.

The Element Of Surprise

This conversation may come as a great surprise to your partner. Remember you are talking about a conversation that would completely change the nature of your relationship. This may shock them somewhat. This is fin, just be prepared for a surprised reaction.

No Ultimatums

If you truly want a committed relationship to come out of your casual one, you must not put an ultimatum on your casual relationship. No man or woman wants to feel like they are cornered into something they may not truly desire.

The added benefit of making sure you don’t force your partner into something they truly don’t want is the potential resulting relationship. If you breach the commitment talk and your partner is genuinely intrigued without you needing to deliver an ultimatum, your relationship will have a far greater chance of succeed as a committed one in the long run.

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